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Green Day – Awesome As F**k (2011)

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

It’s amazing that a 3 chord punk band that use to play small clubs have become stadium headliners. Love ‘em or hate ‘em , Green Day has not only become the most sucessful punk band ever they have become one of the most sucessful bands ever. The Grammy and Tony Award winners have just released the CD/DVD ” Awesome As F**K ” combo which is a live compilation from their sucessful 21st Century Breakdown Tour.

No longer a trio , Green Day now have a full backing band consisting of keyboards , horns , and three guitars. Billie Joe Armstrong has always been an entertaining and energetic frontman. Grasping the audience and never letting go , Billie Joe doesn’t even need to sing the words. The crowds are huge and know mostly all the words. Tre Cool is a real decent drummer. He doesn’t rely on the same beat and defintely mixes it up and adds perfect break beats when needed. Mike Dirnt is like a lead guitarist on the bass. He keeps the band moving on every single song.

Most of the songs in the set are from Green Day’s last two albums. On the CD its cool to see “Going To Pasalaqua” and “J.A.R” on it. Im sure most of the fans in the crowd probably have not even heard these tunes though. The DVD has a great cover of the Who’s “My Generation” that Green Day has made it is own. It’s Like taking a trip down memory lane listening to tunes like ” When I Come Around ” and ” Welcome To Paradise “. “21 Guns ” is already a stadium anthem and seeing/hearing “Jesus of Suburbia ” live is really great because there are not many 9 minute tunes that you can listen to without getting bored. ” Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) ” ends the set and puts everything in perspective.  Seeing this band mature from album to album and change their sound is pretty cool. I’ve been a fan of Green Day for a long time and look foward to seeing them reinvent themselves and raise their bar once again.

Green Day is

Billie Joe Armstrong – Guitar and Vocals

Mike Dirnt – Bass and Vocals

Tre Cool – Drums

Jason White and Jaff Matkia – Guitar

Jason Freese – Keyboards, Horns

CD 1. 21st Century Breakdown 2. Know Your Enemy 3. East Jesus Nowhere 4. Holiday 5. Viva La Gloria 6. Cigarettes and Valentines 7. Burnout 8. Going To Pasalacqua 9. J.A.R 10. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield 11. Geek Stink Breath 12. When I Come Around 13. She 14. 21 Guns 15. American Idiot 16. Wake Me Up When September Ends 17. Good Riddance

DVD Live In Japan 1. 21st Century Breakdown 2. Know Your Enemy 3. East Jesus Nowhere 4. Holiday 5. Static Age 6. Viva La Gloria 7. Boulevard of Broken Dreams 8. Burnout 9. Geek Stink Breath 10. Welcome To Paradise 11. When I Come Around 12. My Generation 13. She 14. 21 Guns 15. American Eulogy 16. Jesus of Suburbia 17. Good Riddance 18. Cigarettes and Valentines

3 Stars

Awesome As F**K is available everywhere including Amazon

For everything Green Day go here :

Review by NzaSixx

New York Dolls – Dancing Backward in High Heels (2011)

Friday, March 18th, 2011

If you were to look up glam rock in the dictonary , there should be a picture of The New York Dolls underneath its definition. The Dolls introduced the world to their world but then poof it was gone. Well , 30 some years later , The New York Dolls have returned and have reinvented themselves. Dancing Backwards is not like anything you’ve heard before from the Dolls. Kicking off the album with their new single ” Fool For You Baby ” , you actually feel like you are listening to a doowop band that has an edge to it. Sylvain Sylvain provides an catchy farfisa organ while David Johansen plays it cool with the line ” I’d jump off the Staten Island ferry , Won’t be anyone left for you to bury “. Johansen’s cockiness shows best on ” I’m So Fabulous ” declaring he is indeed ” cooler than the hipsters on broadway “. The standout track ” Talk to Me Baby ” has a irresistable groove that you can’t help move to. Syl’s backround harmonies are key on this track and bring it full circle. The closest the Dolls come to their old sound is on ” Round and Round She Goes ” and it’s cool to see these pioneers can still get down and dirty. The Johnasen solo ” Funky But Chic ” shows up reworked and gets you moving like he did during those Buster Poindexter days.
Sylvain is the heart on this record , he provides a solid rythmn guitar and his harmonies are dead on. Somewhat Beach Boy/Ronettes influence. Phil Spector would approve. Jason Hills bass work is solid and holds the backbone. Brian Delaney plays it straight and doesn’t flash it up when not needed and just plays the right beat. Frank Infante is listed as the lead guitar but most of the leads are fills and not that much room for solos. Johansen can still spit out the words with same added gravel in his voice that make it more unique than ever.
I just got a chance to see them at the Bowery Ballroom and they have recruited Earl Slick (David Bowie/Robert Smith)  to play lead. He is the perfect fit and just what they need at this point. The Dolls have just been added to the Motley Crue/Poison tour which will be great for them to push this album. At this point The Dolls shouldn’t be opening for anyone. They have made their stain in the history of Rock n Roll and should indeed by considered for the Hall of Fame. We all know how that goes. 3 Stars

For Everything New York Dolls go here :

Review By NzaSixx

Kane Hodder: Truly A Class Act

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

I’ve been a fan of the Friday the 13th series and Kane Hodder for a real long time. This past weekend at Monster Mania Horror Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ Kane did something that really deserves recognition. While talking to a friend of mine David, he told me a really nice and touching story about meeting Kane Hodder. David is handicapped and is in a wheelchair. To make a long story short, David and Kane were talking and David made a reference about not being able to stand. Kane said to him “Don’t ever give up and don’t ever say you are unable to do anything”. Then Kane told David, if you are able to stand next to me for a photo, you can have any pic on my table free of charge. David bear hugged Kane and was able to take a photo while standing next to Kane. It was a great moment. David was overjoyed while Kane remained humble. Kane is a class act. He appreciates every single fan that comes and spends their money at his table. While looking intimidating, Kane has nothing but a heart of gold and truly is one of the nicest human beings on this planet. Aside from being a great Jason and stuntman, Kane is a great person. I commend him. If you ever get a chance to meet Kane, you should.

He isn’t there for the money, he is there for the passion and for the fans.

Check out Kane’s official website for info on appearances and his upcoming book “Kill” here

Below are two pics of Kane and myself with 20 years between them

Article by Nzasixx

Super Harmony by Team Unicorn

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Team Unicorn has a new video out and it’s perfect for valentine’s day.

Team Unicorn is a multi-media production team run by Rileah Vanderbilt, Clare Grant, Michele Boyd, and Milynn Sarley.


Just in case you missed their epic Geek And Gamer Girls music video watch it below. For more info head on over to Team Unicorn’s official Facebook page and their official Youtube page.

The Ninth Annual Rondo Awards

Monday, February 14th, 2011

It’s time again for the annual Rondo Awards.

The Rondos, now in their ninth year, are fandom’s only classic horror award, decided by fans, for fans, and dedicated to preserving the undying spirit of monsters past.

Every Rondo nominee is being recognized for a significant achievement in the genre during the year of 2010. So please take a look at the ballot and let the nominees know how much we appreciate their work by voting.

You have until March 27th to head on over to The Rondo Awards Website and fill out the ballot and send it in. So please show your supports for the awards as well as all the great contributors to the genre and go vote. And for those of you that love Wreckhouse Magazine feel free to write us in. \m/(><)\m/

Rondo Awards

The Confessions Of A Video Junkie: A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Sequels are often dismissed by definition alone as being inferior to their predecessors, however, I’m sure we can all agree that there are a few exceptions. While a sequel may not be as good as the original, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad either, but I’m here to defend a sequel that most would justifiably refute. And that sequel is A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge.
Now wait a minute! Hear me out okay? I can already imagine the groans and head throws but keep in mind I’m not saying that it is at all better nor on par with the original, I just have a unique interpretation of it that will probably be sacked as the ramblings of a wannabe English major who is in denial of their own sexuality…and while that may be true and I’m not saying it is…(ahem) as a horror enthusiast, I would just like to express my opinion.

Now, we are all aware of its flaws, and I’m sure, willing to admit it or not, there are things that all Fred-Heads like about the sequels. They have an aversion to whether it’s the visual dynamics of a certain scene or a creative death, but before 3, the franchise was still up in the air and a continuity hadn’t been established till that following film so, the concept of a franchise continuing the adventures of our favorite dream killer was still in its infancy.

Freddy is still often in the shadows in this film and I find this to be very effective. I find his make up to look far more organic in this picture and how he manipulates the lead role heightens his malevolence. Freddy scares me more in this picture than he ever has and while the homosexual implications were never intended by the filmmakers, if you watch the film as I do and pretend that all of the homosexual imagery is intended, then it can be viewed as a satirical statement about an angst ridden teen who has conflicting emotions about his personal sexuality, which only accentuates how perverted Freddy is when he violates his victims (visiting them in their bedrooms, in their beds) and in this case, Jesse’s innocence.

Jesse, portrayed by Mark Patton, has rather feminine mannerisms and the way he screams is one to prove this. After Jesse dances childishly to an easy listening female fronted pop song, waving a miniature baseball bat over his crotch, mimicking his penis, he is caught by his mom and Lisa. This could suggest masturbation. Lisa discovers Nancy’s diary and after she reads a passage of Nancy expressing her physical attraction to Glen, Jesse asks if he can see it, immediately showing interest.

At school he develops a sort of friendship with the hunky confident jock Grady. Grady and Jesse are at first enemies but then something develops a bond between them. One night, when Jesse is having trouble sleeping, often awaking in a fevered sweat, he meanders into a leather bar with no apparent motive. There, he bumps into his abusive leather clad Gym teacher who some how suckers Jesse into a run around the gym, in the middle of the night when Jesse could have quite possibly escaped. He agrees to shower and once Freddy takes over, he strips the teacher after tying him to the shower heads and after slapping his ass repeatedly with towels proceeds to slash him to death. Here, I believe it is implied that Freddy is now Jesse’s conscience because he hasn’t become entirely comfortable accepting his urges by, or bi-curiously entering the bar, kills off his Gym teacher to avoid any possible relationship he might have developed.

When Jesse is at the pool party, his urges come out even further then “Freddy” cock blocks his chance with Lisa so he instead consults Grady in his bedroom. When Jesse confesses “There’s something trying to get inside my body” Grady immediately reacts with how Lisa is there for him but “you want to sleep with me.” So, when Freddy eventually comes forth he kills Grady which can be looked at as a metaphor. By killing Grady, Jesse, as Freddy can essentially be raping him, killing his heterosexuality and when Lisa defeats Freddy by kissing him near the end, we are to assume he is “cured”, only for his homosexual tendencies to reveal itself one final time before the credits.

Now, I understand if I have either ruined your chances of ever watching this movie the same way again or have just wasted your time with hyper analytical nonsense but I want you to know that I am completely aware that yes, it is a stretch and yes I may be full of shit, but by making these radical conclusions on cheesy horror sequels it allows me to celebrate them so much more.

Tune in next time for my studies about how I think Lucio Fulci’s Zombie 2 is an allegorical statement about Eating Disorders, how The Return to Oz can be about prostitution and how to make homemade butterscotch cookies using absolutely nothing but turpentine and toenail clippings.


The Taint (2010)

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

I’m kinda speechless by what I just watched.  I received a screener of THE TAINT in the mail the other day expecting to see the typical horror flick.  Something taints the water supply of this community thereby turning men into crazed killers.  I was pretty much expecting a b-movie version of THE CRAZIES.  But what I just watched blew my socks off.  You can kinda relate THE TAINT to THE CRAZIES, that is if the former film was made by a completely insane man who has absolutely no mental filter and will film any sick, twisted, and depraved idea that pops into his mind.  THE TAINT might be a sleazy and depraved little flick, but its MY kinda sleazy, depraved flick!!

THE TAINT comes from the twisted minds of Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson.  Bolduc (who’s also the writer, producer, wrote the original music, edited the film, & is the sound editor) stars as Phil O’Ginny, a geeky guy who finds himself caught up in the middle of an extremely violent battle of the sexes.  It seems that the water supply has been tainted with some kind of chemical that is transforming all the men into violent, murderous psychopaths who attack any and all woman in their sight.  And did I mention the infected guys all have their cocks hanging out of their pants spurting some kind of mixture of blood, cum, and a colorful pus?  Did I leave that detail out?  There’s nothing subtle here as Bolduc and Nelson go balls-to-the-wall (sometimes quite literally) and give us a film full of so much gratuitous gore that even Lloyd Kaufman himself over at Troma Films would blush.

While trying to avoid other infected guys, Phil runs into Misandra (Colleen Walsh) in the forest who is also trying to avoid the infected.  Misandra tells Phil about the tainted water and that the fact he hasn’t had any water is the only reason he’s still “normal”.  She then promises to take him to a well that contains uninfected water.  Misandra is a really fun character that embodies the “strong female character” who doesn’t take shit from anyone.  In a flashback we see Misandra and her husband and are shown just how deeply in love they are.  As they’re rolling around on a picnic blanket they announce just how much they’re in love with each other and that their love makes other people’s look like “faggots” and “queers.”  Soon enough, though, he becomes infected and attacks her but is stopped by Misandra bashing in his head (graphically, have you).  But this wan’t enough for Bolduc and Nelson; after she bashed in his head she then pulls out his brain and ponders over it like some twisted HAMLET homage.

I guess I should’ve mentioned this from the outset, but if you’re one that’s easily offended then THE TAINT is definitely not for you.  But don’t worry because Bolduc and Nelson are equal opportunity offenders and take a lot of (bloody) shots at many different taboos.  In the first seconds of the film we get some titties, a severed penis, and a man shitting himself … all in graphic detail.  We also get a home-done abortion (complete with squishy sounds); faces being torn off; lots and lots of scenes of heads being graphically smashed in; and lots and lots of bloody, infected, mangled, cum-shooting penis’ being mutilated and shot off.  This flick has something for everyone in the family!!

The writing here is quick and the plot moves along at a super fast pace.  Bolduc and Nelson really know how to make and write an over-the-top grindhouse gore flick.  They know exactly what sick fuck viewers like myself want!!  They even use very old school graphics for their production company, Bolson Media Alliance, that reminded me of the old Vestron Video graphics.  Remember those??  How can you not laugh when after seeing a guy savagely crush a woman’s head with a large rock, Phil raises his arms up to the heavens, throws his head back, and shout at the top of his lungs, “NOOOOO.  Damn you; she was so hot!”

We also get a handful of very, uh … colorful characters.  Yeah, “colorful.”  There’s Houdini (Cody Crenshaw) who was Phil’s old gym coach and who has a great 80’s-like training montage that would make Rocky Balboa himself proud; Ludas (Kenneth Hall) who wears a mask and brandishes a claw for a hand and enjoys ripping people’s faces off; and Boss (Joey Tran) who funded the making of the chemical that led to the taint.  Boss was funding his scientists to develop a serum that makes mens’ cocks bigger and makes it hard for women to resist sucking them.  If you couldn’t tell by now, nothing in THE TAINT is meant to be taken seriously.  This is a crazy, fun, and gory flick that’s done in the style of a Monty Python skit.  Don’t believe me?  Just wait until you see Phil’s cock-shooting spree at the end where he blasts away the exposed, bloody, cum and pus spewing cocks of infected men.  It’s impossible to be offended here; I was laughing my ass off and contemplating waking up my wife so I could share this gem of a film with someone (ultimately commonsense took over and I let her sleep).

There’s no doubt that Bolduc and Nelson had a blast making this film.  You can tell from looking at the film that they had a very modest budget and I’d guess that about 95% of the budget went to the special f/x.  Most of the f/x look great while some of them are obviously very fake (when an infected guy throws a girl off the bridge it was very obvious the “girl” was a common mannequin found in any department store).  But considering we get a gore effect about every 5 seconds, Nelson (who did the special and digital f/x) did a fantastic job with the resources he had at hand.

THE TAINT is definitely not for everyone.  Some will be offended by the violence towards women (some of the characters names are “Bonghit Misogynist,” “Castrated Misogynist,” and “Exploding Balls Misogynist,”); some will be offended by all the hanging, mutilated dicks; and some will be offended by the overall tone of the film.  But if you’re like me you’ll appreciate all these elements and more as you sit back and take in the carnage.  I really had a fun fucking time with this film and recommend it to everyone that has a dark sense of humor and loves seeing women’s heads crushed with big rocks and infected penis’ being shot off.  And let’s face it; who doesn’t enjoy seeing that??

My Summary:

Directors:  Drew Bolduc (& writer) & Dan Nelson

Plot:  4 out of 5 stars

Gore:  9.5 out of 10 skulls

Zombie Mayhem:  0 out of 5 brains

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 24th, 2010

We here at Wreckhouse Magazine want to wish all of you a very scary Christmas and a frightful new year!